Wardrobe on WHAT?!


Applause for your new digital type of confessions balanced between an edge of fashionista’s heart attack and a rational voice of a pragmatic person.


The name itself is a metaphor, meaning a rotation that fashion makes in our lives. Wardrobe on Cruise’s goal is to portray fashion route from A through Z.


The second concept –  is to see the fashion connection in different parts of the world that became more transparent and sans fashion borders. Fashion created in one place like a rush spreading to another part of the world. World fashion week events are neither more nor less than “movement of a Wardrobe”, better say with oddish sweet-sound word ‘cruising’.


The rational part of Wardrobe on Cruise is a must-read information about how to stay objective and free of unnecessary emotions in the fashion world and follow a popular, now, minimalistic tendency.

Created as a prism of spicy concept from Olga Gruzina, fashion model and, simultaneously, observer, Wardrobe on Cruise is definitely to be one of the debuts this Fall 2016 during fabulous time of fashion weeks that showcase the 2017 Spring-Summer collections.

September 21, 2016

Olga Gruzina