November has just begun, the temperature is cooling down, but luckily its still warm enough in Milan. This gives you a wide field of choice for the fantasy to layout your outfit. 


One evening, I switched on my tourist mode and went out to explore the city center. Taking with me my little pink camera (has to be pink, of course!).


This time I chose to be in a more French style – romantic and a bit melancholic – that perfectly suits the grey month of November. The coat from Martin Alvarez protects me from rain and matches the colors of the city, the French beret makes me feel like a true Parisian tourist and the Vivienne Westwood glasses add a certain mystery! These soft monochrome colors give the airs of an old black and white movie, flashing me back in time. However, I spiced the outfit with modern and cool accessories, preventing it from becoming too theatrical.


It was great to have a little taste of being a movie star, attracting people’s attention. Who knows, maybe among them were some movie directors, also walking around the city and looking for inspiration. Joking!


Have a great Sunday!


Photos and style by: Masha Anohina  (thank you, love)


Glasses – Vivienne Westwood Here

Beret – Anonima LM  – similar Here

Coat – Martin Alvarez similar Here

Dress – Lite Vite similar Here

Gloves – similar Here

Lip gloss  – Nyx Here


Olga Gruzina


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    November 16, 2016

    You really look a “Française” …
    Amazing post.

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    December 3, 2016

    You look so good girl! I love your photos 🙂