What is an inspiration?


I will start my story from the early morning. I was feeling so stressed and confused about the results of the American election. As a citizen of the world, I was following the news till very late and woke up very early to see the result. So many thoughts ran through my head, questioning and wondering about what the future holds.


Yet, I was lucky enough to have a pleasant distraction from today’s events. I was looking forward to attending Philippe Model Paris event. I felt it would be the perfect fashion escape, that always gives me joy and improves my mood.


On behalf of WOC, I was invited for the Philippe Model shoes presentation. A media day devoted to the opening of their new showroom in Milan.


Philippe Model is a casual-wear shoe brand, produced by Italian craftsmanship but with clear French roots. If you read between the lines, you can see what that signifies – excellent Italian quality and the sophisticated chic style of the French. The showroom was in modern design, brightly lit and painted in pleasant blue color. 


My eyes started jumping from one pair to another, but luckily I was grabbed by Elisa, the brand’s digital PR guru, who introduced me to Phillippe Model’s history, giving me a vivid excursion from model to model.


I couldn’t help myself and tried on some shoes! The models, especially the new collection with Colibri Birds (you can take sneak peek on WOC) inspired me for outfits for every day life and fashion events. I straight away imagined how I could play with them, such statement pieces! I have already made a wish list of the models and you can see it below!


All the colors and optimism from the collection, the significant light blue color of the brand bags, the walls of the showroom, the little birds on the shoes and the cozy fluffy shoes, made me forgot about my morning troubles.


I felt something warm and breathtaking from the inside, pure joy and a weight off my mind… I was inspired! This feeling keeps us going forward and happy, no matter what is going on around us.


For the whole brand collection click here



Olga Gruzina