Hey lovely people, 


It is now the middle of November! Everyone is already started to get prepared for the upcoming New Year, and WOC is no exception!


We compiled for you a to-do list that perfectly works for this preparatory season. To be well organized and start planning, the things you need to are:


1. Make a list of people, to whom you need to buy a Winter holiday gift.


2. Think of your Christmas and New Year’s holiday party outfit.


3. Mobilize yourself on Black Friday and grab the opportunity to buy things mentioned above, at the best price.


4. If you prefer online shopping over traditional, take advantage of the various promotions and sales! There are plenty of them these days, such as mid-season, Thanksgiving Day (in North America) and Black Friday. Be aware, it also takes couple of days (if not weeks) for online boutiques to deliver your orders.


5. Start thinking about where and with whom you want to spend that magical night; start booking your reservations!

6. Organize your optimal budget; think of how you will spread these expenses within these two months. Otherwise, come January … your wallet will be in a state of shock!


7. Prepare greeting cards to be sent next week (it’s about time!). Even better, if you have your own stationary.


8. Join a gym or start to work out, because obviously, you want to look perfect and fit in your chosen killer outfit.


9.  Rearrange your Wardrobe (on Cruise) ;). We are sure you still haven’t  put away some of those summer items, blocking your way to your warm & cosy winter ones.


10. After finishing all those…forget about coming holidays in order not to get too distracted! C’mon, it’s still the middle of November! 😉

Olga Gruzina

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    November 15, 2016

    There are some things on your list I didn’t think of! So glad I read it.