This dark thought came to me for the first time today…I realized that February has officially started! Like his brother September, its a prime fashion month.The upcoming Milan fashion week is not as far as it seems, in fact, there are only 3 weeks left!


For WOC, this is our second fashion week and therefore a more serious operation. The first was like a demo version, nevertheless, a very successful demo version!


But how does a fashion blogger get prepared for fashion week?  Don’t fret, all will be revealed…here is a little action plan that can be considered as WOC’s ‘secret tips’.


1.Start organizing your contacts list and check the schedule for the shows that you want and can attend.


2.Contact the organizations and press officers to request invitations. Use your friends and connections, if you can.


3.Prepare outfits for the shows, organize the delivery and contact the designers (if they are interested to support you). Don’t forget, always  think about how your outfit will fit into the style of the show that you are going to attend.


4.Use the last week of the sales to buy something that you are in need of.


5.Prepare yourself (you should be the one that wears the clothes, not the opposite). Go to the gym, start eating healthy and make some beauty appointments!


6.Prepare the instruments – print business cards, invest in a good quality camera, organize your database and social media.


7.Contact photographers and makeup artists (maybe those who have just started or want some sort of promotion through your social media?). They can support you during fashion week.


8.Organize the logistics of your movements and your personal schedule.


9.Do some normal routine work upfront, so that you will not have any urgent tasks during what is already a stressful time!


10.Prepare yourself and your nearest to be strong!


Let’s go!

Pink Coat and oversized jacket are from Letizia De Meo Boutique:


Visit her boutique here:

Via Mazzini, 20 (galleria), Milan, Italy

Olga Gruzina


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    Morgan Ryan

    February 4, 2017

    You are so chic and Parisian in your styling! Love it so much 🙂

  2. Reply


    February 4, 2017

    You look amazing!
    I’m really hoping to attend MFW in September!
    Thanks for sharing gorgeous!

  3. Reply


    February 4, 2017

    That’s such a great list! Im not a fashion blogger but more of a travel one but this still can come in handy sometimes!
    Obsessed with those looks and I recently was in Milano as well!

  4. Reply


    February 4, 2017

    Noted these tips for my trip to FW im the Fall. Thanks for sharing and your looks are amazing. Love the double breasted jacket

  5. Reply


    February 5, 2017

    Hello dear, Wow! I love your outfit! I think you look so fab! Such great tips for fashion week too :).


  6. Reply

    Chardline Chanel-Faiteau

    February 6, 2017

    Thanks for these tips! I am going to NYFW and I need all the tips I can get!
    Thanks, Chardline.

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    February 6, 2017

    Great advice Olga! Hope to meet you at #MFW! Baci, Valeria – Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY

  8. Reply


    February 7, 2017

    yayayaya for fahsion week and February. It is my birthday month. Your photos are wonderful dear. So gorgeous.


  9. Reply


    February 7, 2017

    Fashion week month on the go!!!
    Love your outfits and looks you will so busy this FEB make sure to enjoyed babe

  10. Reply


    February 8, 2017

    Those are such great tips! I would love to attend a fashion week one day! I will utilize all the tips for sure. 🙂