It’s really becoming a nice tradition of mine to post a photo diary of my travels. As you know, my last trip was to Barcelona, a lovely city which I hope to return to.

It was a work trip, as I participated in a photoshoot for a Gabbiano, a Russian wedding dress company and Barcelona provided us with the recognizable backdrops. Despite the weather being not that welcoming, my whole impression is very positive one of the city, especially thanks to the wonderful team.

I arrived on the 1st of May and after organizing myself in the hotel , I went out get myself a bowl of nice hot soup. It was quite a challenge actually, but I managed to find one eventually and was worth the wait, delicious! Afterwards, I took a walk around the city, which was full of people as it was a bank holiday.

Then came two days of shooting, they were very intense! Nevertheless, very fun to play the bride or a Disney princess with cinematic scenery to match.

The places I liked the most were –  Pl. Espanya, the National Museum and also a very unique place – the Garden of Cactuses.

I wish I had more time to visit the iconic Sagrada Familia and have a proper gastronomic tour, but I should leave this to-do list for next time.

Have a look at the photo diary and be the first to have sneak peek of the new Gabbiano collection.

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May 13, 2017

Olga Gruzina


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    May 14, 2017

    Such a beautiful post sweetie. You look like a real princess !

    xxx Yvonne

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    May 19, 2017

    Beautiful dresses and amazing locations! You look great!