As the blogging industry is quite new, it’s a relevant unknown, with no special rules, studies and no commonly accepted dress code for business meetings. However, this allows you a lot of freedom in being able choose what you want to wear (as you are most likely a creative, fashion person, right!?). I personally prefer to stick to more classical outfits for my business meetings, because it allows me to say ’I mean business’ and that I ‘treat the meeting with respect’. Yet, I always add something from my personality to the look as well.

For my meetings this summer, I found the perfect outfit: a long classy jacket and a white statement t-shirt. The t-shirt says ‘best’ and has a counterpart which says ‘friends’, that my dear friend gave to me. It really works for me as a funny statement, an ice breaker, and I can always make a joke out of it, hinting that I am the right kind of person to do business with!  As for the trousers, they are also white, making the whole outfit look lighter and not overwhelmed with colors. Finally, I went for comfortable heels and a similar style bag, which worked out as a perfect duet.


Tweed jacket – Floreiza, similar Here

Bag -SheIn  Here

T-shirt, similar Here

Heels – Kurt Geiger, similar – Here

Photo – Tati Goydenko

Olga Gruzina