We at WOC are getting busier and busier, with a lot of going at the moment. Therefore, it takes more time to complete my to-do list these days.

This week is a definitely going to be a tough one, as the days start early in the morning with business meetings and end with events and some social engagements. Sometimes there is no time to return home to change or prepare, its also not comfortable to take an outfit to change into, so, I decided to find a perfect outfit that will be practical for a day routine, yet has the wow-effect for the evening.

Luckily for me, I found the one! A white classy tweed dress, that I recently got from SheIn ( Actually, I was not that sure about the tweed material because of the current scorching summer temperatures in Milan, but it worked out perfectly and I can assure you, I am not baked in it! I love the A-shape of the dress and the little black bow makes it very elegant. During the day, it would be perfect with ballerina shoes, and for the night, with pointed white heels.

I decided to finish the outfit by adding a classy black bag, not mixing with other colors and keeping it a clear black and white look. Black for night and white for day!


Dress Here

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Olga Gruzina