September, the fashion month par excellence already has me in it’s delightful clutches! The first weeks after the holidays have been so intense, that now I need to figure out the way to reduce stress and tension.

This week I was trying to live a balanced life between modeling and castings, having a challenging marathon around Milan and even went for fitting to Switzerland! How crazy is this?

Also I am preparing for a first WOC’s London fashion week with logistics, tickets for the shows and, of course, my special  outfits.

Moreover, WOC is going to be one year old on 23 September. Our first anniversary! We must celebrate!

I have to say that I feel the stress all this is causing me. However, I feel so happy and excited about all this intense time of work and activity in the fashion world that I embrace it gratefully.

Thank goodness that the weekend exists! My first decision was to help my body and mind to calm down . So I went for a nice bicycle ride around my beautiful city.

I admire the way women cycle in Milan: they ride a bicycle in style wearing skirts and high heels. So I chose to wear a romantic and feminine outfit as well.

I went for a black slip dress from Mango and a white transparent skirt from Nas.ty Co’ ( . Also to add more comfort I put on ballerina flats and, of course, my outfit would not be complete without my Chloe Faye backpack.

A little relaxation and then back to organization!

Don’t forget to relax guys. That is what I tell myself all the time!

Photo: Dana Lescinere


September 13, 2017

Olga Gruzina