For this dull seasonal transition period, WOC decided to share some tips on how to stay productive (the better version of yourself) and full of energy.

We prepared 5 tips to follow:

  1. Wake up early in order to have a calm morning, a nice breakfast and simply, time for yourself. Start by writing your emails, as this will mean they will be the first to be read in the morning by the intended person 😉
  2. Eat healthy (have a snack, do not starve or over eat!), eat little portions, otherwise all your energy will go to digesting. Drink a lot of water, it’s an essential part of our living process.
  3. Train your body. While doing this your mind is relaxing. Also, it helps to get rid of negative energy. If you don’t like working out, have a long walk in the fresh air.
  4. Try to avoid stress and stressful situations. If it’s impossible, try to change your attitude towards this and don’t exaggerate the problem. Also keep yourself far from energy vampires and people who are negative, jealous or complainers.
  5. Find your own motivation. It can be a long term (working for a new trip or apartment) or a short term one (after finishing work, treating yourself with an ice-cream or going to the cinema with friends).

Outfit details:

Sweater – Romwe Here

Bag – Zara Here

Glasses –Zara, sold out

Also have a look at the new video on the WardrobeOnCruise Channel and find the bonus tip there.

Olga Gruzina