I am so excited about the new sneakers in my collection that I can hardly find the words to do them justice!

But let me try. I was indifferent to sneakers until I came across Philippe Model’s Paris ones. The team contacted me after WOC’s first season at fashion week and that’s how our friendship and my love for these sneakers started. Now I am a proud owner of three pairs of these “très chic” shoes .  I am a convert and a sneaker wearer!

As I am an active city girl, it’s important to feel comfortable, running around Milan. However, as well as comfortable I also need to look fashionable, so these sneakers do the job for me. I love the fact that all the 3 different styles that I own blend easily with my favourite classics, this includes dresses, long dresses and coats.

My favourites at the moment are the personalised sneakers.

They are an absolute best-seller from the line. No surprises there! It’s a limited edition from a collaboration between Philippe Model and Gino Hoiting. It’s so amazing when a brand invite an artist and creates such a cool collaboration. Moreover, the pair that I own was personalized by the artist himself with «WOC» initials on the Philippe Model Paris special event in Milan. Just the memory makes me happy every time I put them on.

It’s always nice to think that I am wearing a work of art on my feet!

PS. Would have provided a link for them, but they have already sold out!

Olga Gruzina