Today was one of those days bloggers dream of. Some have even started blogging because of these perks! I’ve had a morning delivery and I received a big light blue shopping bag from my beloved brand – Philippe Model Paris.

Just a couple of posts ago I was telling you about the crush I have developed over my sneakers. So now…guess what? Philipe Model Paris has a new bag collection! That’s what!

I was so excited and happy when I saw it on the brand’s Instagram (Here). You know this feeling when you are happy for your friend’s success and very proud of having this friendship. I saw it, and I knew it’s gonna be mega!

I don’t hesitate to say that this morning’s delivery is my current bag crush. From that moment till now I have been holding my bag crush to my heart. Moreover there are two bags. Oh joy!

But let’s start step by step.

Today I am taking my yellow Laval bag for a coffee (Here) which is like a ray of bright sunshine in grey foggy Milan.

The shape is perfect and when I saw it, I had an idea to adjust it as a belt bag too.

Have a look, see how it brings some colour into my outfit!

February 21, 2018

Olga Gruzina