Sometimes outfit ideas are really scarce and the whole process doesn’t go as smoothly as I want it to go.

However in this case I am really happy how it all came together in the end. Yet I have a long story to tell!

Everything started when I was in Scotland and did a little shopping. I found a real gem, this perfectly tailored jacket in H&M and it was on sale. I had been searching for a jacket just like this for a long time and it felt like I had come and conquered.

Then during my trip to Russia I hunted in my mum’s wardrobe and I took this basic white roll-neck that I felt was not getting the attention it deserved.

The whole look was complete after I received a gift from Floreiza – checked pants matching my jacket.

I spiced the outfit with a bag which you probably have seen a lot on this blog, but I just had to use it again. It was made to be a part of this look.

For the shoes I came up with Chanel-style pointed heels from Zara.

Moreover, on the day I organized the photoshoot it was raining cats and dogs and my make-up and hair were not at their best. So I needed to react – I decided to create the illusion that I had a bob hair cut (actually this tricked a lot of people) and put on sunglasses.

So this is the story behind this cool outfit.








Olga Gruzina