This is a post on how I am changing things in my life. A life change update, really. I am trying to be a better version of myself by putting myself through different challenges. 

One of the most challenging aspects of being your own boss is to organise your routine and to make it effective.

I am not a naturally organised person and I have made excuses for this by thinking I was young and could therefore just be spontaneous and creative. This attitude made me lack a lot of organisation and structure. 

So now when I need to organise my own business and working on my own start up I have realised that I need to work harder even out of normal working hours. However, the key to success is to plan things and time. I know this finally. So here is some advice for anyone in the same situation. 

These are the simplest things you can start with: 

1.     Plan your outfits for the next 2 to 3 days. This relieves the pressures of washing and ironing. 

2.     Plan and prepare in advance your meals. Word in your ear: eat healthy and save money.

3.     Plan your meetings and to-do lists, organise a schedule for a week. I have found this a great help. For example: I plan the days for staying at home, editing or replying to work emails as well as the days I will be running around for meetings. 

4.     Organise your house or office, this visual organisation makes your thoughts organised too and nothing distracts you.

5.     Organise your travel, however must confess that I am still bad at this and that’s why it’s still a duty of my husband’s. 

Organising and planning at least a couple of steps in advance has helped me so much! Do it and believe me the magic will happen.




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Olga Gruzina