My stressful moments are those when I think I have missed an opportunity or have not capitalised on these unique chances that life springs upon you. Especially, when you work in this creative industry where the more proactive you are, the better. 

I am not going to lie, there are moments when I am really down, questioning myself when I have not been selected for a project. I end up comparing myself to other people and end up even more sad and without any answers. It is energy consuming and brings absolutely zero positive results. 

At some point, I understood this and took it easy. Looking back at the projects and the brands I have worked with, I analysed that it’s been me (my intuition, personality or creative side) that’s decided whom to work with or which opportunities I should not take. Ironically, I didn’t get this then, but now I understand that I was losing opportunities and not taking these chances, so I can win in the long run. 

Although, patience is not my thing at all! Sometimes, I just want everything at once, but, I’m glad I’ve waited. You need to listen to yourself and try to be grateful for what you have already achieved. 

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Olga Gruzina